Slab Scissors

Ross Equipment rents a large variety of Genie, Skyjack, JLG, and GMG Scissors.

Slab scissor lifts are exceptionally mobile, letting operators easily maneuver around tight indoor and outdoor worksites with firm, level surfaces. These machines are 2wd, and DC powered. Characterized by low noise levels, slab scissor lifts provide excellent capacity and large platform workspace.

GMG 1530ED

Platform Height: 14ft 8"

Working Height: 20ft 8"

Width: 2ft 6in

Stowed Height: 6ft 8"

Lift Capacity: 530 lbs

Machine Weight: 1,895 lbs

Skyjack SJIII1930

Platform Height: 19ft

Working Height: 25ft

Width: 2ft 8in

Stowed Height: 6ft 6.5in

Lift Capacity: 550 lbs

Machine Weight: 2,580 lbs

Genie GS3246

Platform Height: 32ft

Working Height: 38ft

Width: 3ft 10in

Stowed Height: 7ft 10in

Lift Capacity: 700 lbs

Machine Weight: 5,211 lbs

GMG 4046

Platform Height: 39ft 6in

Working Height: 46ft

Width: 3ft 10in

Stowed Height: 8ft 5in

Lift Capacity: 771 lbs

Machine Weight: 7,495 lbs

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