Do I need to have a charge account to rent from Ross Equipment Rentals?

No, however, there are restrictions on certain sizes of equipment. Please contact a Ross Equipment Rentals representative to get more information.

What type of payments do you accept?

Ross Equipment Rentals accepts Checks, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What is the Personal Property Surcharge?

Ross Equipment Rentals is required to collect a 1.5% surcharge for personal property tax per Arizona Tax Legislation S.B. 1413:

Arizona Tax Legislation 7/11/2005

S.B. 1413 Surcharges; rental equipment. Laws 2005, Chapter 259.

Although not actually a tax bill, this measure requires persons engaged in the business of renting heavy equipment to specified industries to collect a 1.5% surcharge for the purpose of paying personal property tax levied against the equipment.

What is the environmental fee?

Ross Equipment is committed to doing its part to protect our environment. In the conduct of our rental business, we handle a number of materials, such as waste oils, solvents and petroleum products that may be harmful to the environment, and therefore must be disposed of properly and in accordance with the law. Ross Equipment charges an environmental fee on all equipment rentals. This is a common practice by all rental companies, and the environmental fee is subject to change without notice.

What are your insurance requirements?

Certificate of insurance coverage showing general liability coverage for a minimum of $1,000,000.00

Certificate of insurance must list/name: “Ross Aerial Equipment is additionally insured. Coverage will be primary and noncontributory.”

Ross Aerial Equipment must be listed as the certificate holder. We will not accept certificates listing other companies.

Why do I need to provide a Certificate of General Liability Insurance (CGL) to Ross Aerial Equipment?

Commercial General Liability (CGL) protects your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to property. Ross Aerial Equipment needs proof that your business is properly insured in case of damage caused while operating our equipment to other property or persons.

Ross Aerial Equipment is required to prove that all our customers are fully insured against any damage or bodily injury that may be caused as a result of the operation of our rental equipment.

Example: Customer is welding from a rental boom lift and the building catches fire. Without a CGL, the customer may be liable for all property damage to the building and any harm to any persons injured.

Why does Ross Aerial Equipment need to be listed as a certificate holder on the General Liability Insurance (CGL)?

As a certificate holder, Ross Aerial Equipment will be notified if the policy is cancelled or amended.

Why does Ross Equipment Rentals need to be listed as additionally insured on the General Liability Insurance (CGL)?

By adding Ross Aerial Equipment as an additional insured, you are protecting Ross Equipment against any negligence.

What is Ross Equipment Rentals Loss and Damage Waiver?

Ross Aerial Equipment strongly urges all of our customers to acquire Leased/Rented Equipment Coverage from their insurance carriers. If you do not have Leased/Rented equipment coverage, you will be subject to a loss and damage waiver administrative fee of 16%. The Loss and Damage Waiver (LDW) is not insurance, and is very limited in its coverage. Please send all insurance certicates to for the fastest processing.

Do I have to purchase Ross Equipment Rentals Loss and Damage Waiver (LDW)

Yes, unless you provide insurance coverage listing Ross Equipment Rentals as the recipient for a damage or theft claim to rental equipment.

Why should my company attain a Leased/Rented Equipment insurance policy through our own insurance?

It typically saves your company money. Ross Equipment charges a 16% Loss and Damage Waiver (LDW) fee when we are not provided with a certificate showing Leased/Rented Equipment coverage.

Peace of Mind. Ross Equipment Rentals’ LDW is not insurance. Its coverage is very limited and there are multiple exclusions. The entire terms of the LDW is available by request and is also listed on all of our back of our rental agreements. In the case of total loss, the cost of our rental equipment ranges from $12,000-$200,000.00

Tire or track damage is not covered by our Loss and Damage Waiver

If I provide a Leased/Rented Equipment coverage certificate, why do I need to list Ross Equipment Rentals as loss payee in respect to any leased/rented equipment?

By listing Ross Aerial Equipment as Loss Payee, we secure that if there is a payout on our damaged or lost equipment, that monies go directly to Ross Aerial Equipment.

If I choose to pay you Loss and Damage Waiver (LDW), why do you need my General Liability Insurance (CGL)?

The Ross Aerial Equipment LDW does not cover any property damage, bodily injury or medical costs that are associated with the use of our equipment. Ross Equipment Rentals cannot assume the risk associated with the use of the equipment rented from us, so we require proof that your company is covered in case of any incidents or claims.

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